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Dolphin Captivity

Hello everyone. Today I am going to teach you about dolphin captivity. This is very important and I feel like everyone should know about this and how wrong it is.

When people tell you that the dolphins like it in a tank, its not true. When people tell you that the dolphins are smiling that is true but not in the way you think, dolphins can’t change their expression. So when a dolphin is sad and lonely it can’t actually show that it is sad and lonely it can only show happiness. All day everyday.

Almost every day from September to April more then 750 dolphins are killed in Japan for food. The dolphins are drawn in with fish and then killed in the most horrible way. They are separated from their family’s and killed but if the dolphins meat is not “right'” then they will throw them back into the ocean where they will sink to the bottom. Many people in Japan don’t know that they are eating dolphin meat. I don’t think this is right. Some people are just cruel.   Also, dolphins that are not used for meat, are sent to aquariums, used for entertainment and are used in swim with the dolphins in famous vacation places like the Bahamas.  Don’t ever go to one of those.  It’s so sad to see a human riding on a dolphin!  How is that okay?

Lets save those dolphins!


Lets Save Kiska!

Hi people!

Since the weather is warming up I’m feeling motivated to write about an up coming event.  I want to go to Marineland  but it’s not what you think!  It’s that time of year again…Marineland is opening once again for the 56th time, and I am going to be there. …Not to go in but to stand outside and protest.

I’m hoping to see some friendly faces out there letting people know that what Marineland is doing is wrong. My sister and I are already making signs!

Come join me and my friends on May 21st from 11am to 2pm for Marineland’s Opening Day Demonstration.

Be a voice for the voiceless!



Fascinating Marine Facts

Hi everyone today I am not going to be talking about animal captivity. Instead I am going to be talking about the ocean and the wonderful animals inside it, so sit back relax and enjoy….


Fist lets talk about the ocean where all sea animals live. The ocean is my favorite habitat as you have probably figured out by now. The ocean is like a lake but is way bigger its salt water and there is  bigger animals living inside it. The ocean is salt water but lakes rivers and ponds do not have salt water. When\if you go snorkeling you will find that the ocean is deep…very deep and the deeper you go the more murky and dark it gets but when you don’t go very deep there is colorful fish coral and the water is brighter.  In the ocean there are different types of whales  { killer whale, humpback whale or blue whale} seals turtles sharks and many more. And last but not least those big boats and cruises that you go on pollute the ocean and hurt the sea animals in the ocean because the engine is filled with all kinds of chemicals and dirty stuff. And that is the end of learning about the ocean hope you enjoyed it!


Next lets talk about whales but we will talk about the obvious types of whales like

  • killer whale/orca
  • humpback and
  • the blue whale

there are two types of whales

  • baleen whales
  • and toothed whales

toothed whales are whales like

  • the killer whale
  • and the dolphin

Yes the dolphin is a whale…a toothed whale and finally the baleen whales are

  • the humpback whale
  •  the blue whale and many more

The largest animal on earth  is the blue whale. its heart weight as much as an elephant and it was even bigger then dinosaurs! crazy!


Next lets talk about turtles…..  Turtles are not that big…They are not like whales whales are the giants of the sea and they are nothing like sharks sharks have sharp teeth and sometimes attack people. Sometimes if you have been scuba diving with turtles then sometimes you will find that the turtle only has three fins, this is because a shark has bit off of the turtles fin  ): Turtles normally eat coral. Another fun fact is that there are little fish that clean the turtles shells…Very cool! Hope now you plan to visit a tropical place and see some turtles!


Finally lets talk about the boys favorite animal…..The shark.

The shark is a vicious animal and can be found munching on a turtle…. YIKES!!!!! Also did you know that there are more then 465 species of sharks living in the ocean! now that’s cool! Even though sharks don’t have a very good eye site they still have a great sense of smell. they find their prey and then attack! And one last fact about the shark…..You know how when we loose a tooth it dose not grow back? Well when sharks loose a tooth (which is pretty much every week) they grow back! how interesting is that?


well I hope you enjoyed listening/reading about the ocean and all its awesome spectacular animals that still roam the ocean to this day.

My Friend Tilikum

Hey guys, If you don’t already know this news then you are about to find out, so here it goes…..Tilikum at Seaworld is not doing so well.  He has a serious lung infection and there has not been a cure found to this disease.  Sadly, he is dying.   Since Tilikum has been in captivity for so long (almost 33 years) and is now near the end of his life,  just let him free. I mean one second in the wild is worth way more than all the years spent in prison. I’m not just talking about Orcas, I’m talking dolphins and beluga whales too.  What have all these animals done to deserve this? Especially Tilikum. If you let Tilikum go in the wild and he dies 5 mins later it will be better because he will have the ocean and freedom to remember when he dies, but if he dies in captivity all he will have is a stupid little tank to remember.

So here is what I have to say to you Seaworld:  You have taken one right step in not breeding Orcas anymore,  take one more big step and Free Tilikum!!!  Please!!!

Think about what I am saying. I believe that if we work together then anything is possible.

I am Morgan

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the world like an orca?  This four minute video will help you learn what it feels like to be free in the ocean and what it feels like to be trapped in a small tank.  Click on the link below and please watch it.  It is worth it.

Marineland Closing Day Protest 2015

Last month, I went to the Marineland protest near Niagra Falls, Ontario. I have gone to the Marineland protest about 3 times now. I do this because I want to free Kiska the only orca at Marineland.

At Marineland, Smooshi the walrus’s ex-trainer Phil Demers was there. Phil used to work at Marineland and was Smooshi best friend. Phil eventually quit working at Marineland and training Smooshi because he realized that taking an animal and putting it in captivity is wrong. He is now getting sued by Marineland for over a million dollars because Marineland thinks now that Phil has seen all the horrible things at their “abusement” park, he is saying bad things about Marineland to world.

At the protest, we would chant phrases like “ Empty the Tanks, Go Home and Your money your fault… Your ticket your fault”. We would do this when someone came into or out of the park. The good thing about us the protesters is that we NEVER say anything negative about the people going into Marineland. Some kids do hand gestures (if you know what I mean) but we never say anything mean about the people going in we just keep chanting hoping they will change their minds and not go in.
Marineland hurts animals and we want that to STOP. How do they hurt animals? Captivity is torture and marine animals such as dolphins, walruses, whales and orcas are not supposed to be kept in small tanks. That is why we protest to make sure people know that they should stop going to places like Marineland because the animals hate it and many die because of being alone and mistreated.

Happy Oceans are where marine life should be and it is my goal to change as many minds as I can so we can shut down all these places like Marineland, Seaworld and the many aquariums.

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The One and Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan is a must read for every human being. It is a true story and is about a gorilla named Ivan living in a shopping mall with 2015-08-31 15.29.33other animals.

Then one day a baby elephant named Ruby comes to live at the shopping mall and everything changes. Ruby shows Ivan that Ivan lives in a home that no one would want to live in – a cage.

This book shows people what animals really think and feel about being taken away from their family. It is an award winning book and if everyone read it then they would learn how wrong animal captivity really is.


Tilikum’s Nightmare at SeaWorld

This is Tilikum who has the most horrible home in the world— SeaWorld. His nickname at SeaWorld is Tilly. Tilikum is the largest orca in captivity, weighing 12,500 pounds and measuring over 22 feet in length. Tilikum was captured near Iceland in 1983, over 30 years ago. When he was 2 years old, he was approximately 13 feet long, and this is when he was torn away from his family and ocean home.

Tilikum is the largest killer whale in captivity and he has been at SeaWorld for 32 years now. For the past 13 years, Tilikum has been alone in a tank and not allowed to be in any shows. The shows stink anyway and being alone all day is worse. SeaWorld should release him!!!! !!!!

It has been said that Tilikum is “the loneliest whale in the world”. You can see how lonely and depressed he is simply by looking at his Dorsal Fin. It is flopped over and this is not normal or natural for any Blackfish.

In 2010, at SeaWorld Tilikum dragged his trainer down to the bottom of his tank. The trainer was unfortunately killed. I think Tilikum killed the trainer because he was stressed out in being in a really, really tiny tank. The tank is only 40 feet deep and Tilly and no room to swim and gets sunburned daily because he is not deep enough in the water.

SeaWorld keeps Tilikum isolated away from shows and trainers because they are afraid he will hurt someone else. He only killed the trainers because he was stressed out being in such a small and tiny tank for a long time.

His home is in the Happy Oceans!

To help Tilikum DO NOT GO TO SEAWORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What Is Captivity?

Captivity is when you take an animal and put it in a tank or cage for a long period of time. In that time the animal may be forced to do do shows for people. If the animal is not preforming shows it is sitting in a tank or cage while people look at it.

At a circus the animals there have to do shows everyday. Before the shows the animal is taught tricks and if the animal does not do the tricks right it gets hit with a stick or the animal does not get a reward.

In a zoo the animals there sit in a cage while people look at it and in an Aquarium the animals do shows or sit in a tank while people look at it.

Lots of animals are in captivity and that’s not right. Its not right because the animal is taken from his/her family and because the place where the animal is taken to is not his/her natural habitat

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