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Shout Outs!

Hello people! Today I’m going to be writing about something new. I am going to be doing a list of shout outs for people who are on the right side of the fight!  Animal captivity needs to stop and my friends and I are fighting to do so.  They deserve a big thank you for all that they do, so give them some love!

The following 3 people just last week were in Ottawa supporting those who testifying at a Senate committee hearing.  The hearing was to discuss Bill S-203 which if made into law would phase out captivity of whales and dolphins in Canadian places like Marineland and the Vancouver aquarium.

This is Phil Demers and me at the last Marineland protest.  Phil fights for the animals trapped in Marineland espcially his favourite Smooshi.  Phil used to be a trainer at Marinleand but quit when he realized how horrible it was.  Now Phil fight for Smooshi and all others like Kiska and Lolita to be free.

Here is another friend of mine who also fights against animal capitivity.  Mike Garrett organizes the Marlineland protests and he makes sure they are family friendly.  He’s awesome and loves all animals!

Next, is a good friend of mine.  She was so kind to let me come last October and speak to kids in a classroom about animal captivity.  It was amazing to teach kids my age about how wrong animal captivity is.  I met so amazing kids!  Dora cares a lot animals as well as the environment.  Can’t wait see her again!

And last but not least, my dear, sweet mommy.  She helped me create my blog and supports me all the time in my fight against marine animal captivity.  She even had business cards made for me!  There are not enough words in the world to describe how much I love my mom.  She’s the best!

Stay tuned for another post soon about my recent trip to Maui, Hawaii.  You won’t believe what I saw and the amazing pictures my dad took!

PS  Marineland Opening Day Protest is coming up!  Save the date and be there!  May 20th 2017 @ 11:00am

2017 Orca News

Hello everyone, I know that I have not posted in a while and that’s because I’ve been busy at school with a ton of Grade 5 stuff.   I am back again now and here to tell you some sad news.

Many of you might know J2 Granny, who is the oldest known Orca ever with her age being between 103 and 105 years old.  Well, I actually got to see her myself when my family and I went to San Juan Island this past summer!!  We were so lucky to see her! She was beautiful and this is why I am sad to say that Granny is no longer with us. She went missing in October and has not been seen since which is why The Center for Whale Research has pronounced her  dead.  Although I am sad, I know that she died in the ocean where she spent a very free and happy life.  I will miss her but I know that she was able to swim free and not be captive like many other Orcas we know.

R.I.P Granny. We miss you Granny.



And for more news…… Some of you might know from a couple blog posts ago that Tilikum at Seaworld was not doing too well. He was suffering from a very bad disease.

Well it really breaks my heart to say this but just yesterday Tilikum died. Tilikum had been in captivity for 33 years and he was forced to do tricks everyday and then preform them to a crowd of idiots. He was in so much pain and stress he killed 3 of his trainers.  Unlike Granny, Tilikum died alone without his family and not in his natural habitat.  He will only have his stupid tank to remember. Tilikum is now in a better place and he will no longer have to live his life in a whale jail. Anything is better than Seaworld.  Tilikum or Tilly will be missed.

R.I.P Tilikum. 😦


Marineland Protest on Labour Day Weekend 2016

Hey people I know this late but ever since school started I haven’t really had much time on my hands. Grade 5 is a lot of work!!

Anyways, on Monday I was very happy to see so many friendly faces at the Marineland protest!  I was even more proud when we sent 3 families home!

It was heartbreaking though to come back from seeing Orcas in the wild to knowing that there was another Orca sad and trapped in a tank.

I also saw Phil Demers (activist against Marineland) there. He was very kind and we talked about how captivity is wrong and about Zeus the walrus. If you have not seen the video of Zeus you should defiantly go check it out. Unfortunately he is still at Marineland and is in horrible shape.  A walrus is not supposed to look the way he does in the video!  It breaks my heart even to watch and I could not watch till the end. I will put the link at the bottom.

There was also Mike Garrett at the Marineland protest. He organized the whole thing…..He did a very good job. He needs all the support he can get. He makes sure that the protests are family friendly and appropriate for kids like me.

Also, I will share with you a video of highlights of the demonstration from that day.  Phil, Mike and I all have an important message in it for you and we even have a clip in it of how we changed minds and people decided not to go in so please watch! (If you watch until the end, that’s where I come in! 🙂 )

Moving on, they were also selling wrist bands there… I got 2, one that says Save Kiska and Save Smooshi and another that says I love dolphins, stop the slaughter Taiji.  All round it was another great demonstration and I am proud to have attended again! #emptythetanks

See ya soon guys….. stay posted!!! 🙂






Taiji Dolphin Hunt

Hey everyone… so tomorrow the Taiji Dolphin Hunt in Japan starts and basically what that is, is a bunch of fisherman in Japan go out on little boats and hunt dolphins. They do this because they want to sell the dolphins to aquariums, swim with the dolphin programs and sadly for food 😦 all over the world.

Any dolphin that they think is “not good enough” they kill it and throw it back into the ocean. This goes on for about 6-8 months and last year Japan killed 652 dolphins 😦  This is absolutely horrific!

I truly think it is a stupid thing to do and killing a poor innocent and intelligent animal  is absolutely cruel. As you may have heard in my last post there is a protest for this cause and I might be there.  Please help stop this cruelness and DO NOT SUPPORT THE TAIJI DOLPHIN HUNT!!!!!!!

For more information, please visit Ric O’Barry and the Dolphin project at  Ric is the voice behind stopping the violence against dolphins.  Hopefully one day, I will get to meet him.  #DolphinProject #EndCaptivity #TheCove

Upcoming Events….#emptythetanks

September 1 Japan Dolphin Day Toronto 2016

A peaceful demonstration to let everyone know about the Taiji dolphin drive.


September 5th 2016 Marineland Protest

A family Friendly protest to tell people that animal captivity is wrong.


Hope to see you all there!!!



My Special Trip to Friday Harbor 2016


My biggest dream came true on July 19th 2016.  I saw my
favourite animal ever….The Killer Whale, aka Blackfish. I was so
happy and amazed to see a real live actual Orca. I had no words.
It was just beautiful.

So My family took the ferry across the ocean to San Juan Islands
to see the Orca. It was a beautiful little island also known as
Friday Harbour and I loved it, They had a little town and we
stayed in a hotel there for a few days.

First we went on a zodiac and we had to wear these big jackets
and snowpants. They were huge on me because they were meant
for adults so we wouldn‛t get cold. The zodiac was awesome
because it was a speed boat and allowed us to get to the Orcas
quickly. We went into the Salish Sea which was where the Orcas
were and then the boat stopped and I saw a black dorsal fin
cutting through the water. It was the Orca!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was very very,
very happy. I didn‛t even have time to think of what I just saw
because then 4 more dorsal fins cut through the water…3 males
and 1 female. Then I saw the most amazing thing… The Orca
breached!! Twice!! They were just popping out of the water 4 by 4.

Then at the very end when everything was quiet 1 orca named
Onyx came to the surface of the water to take a breath and I
heard it! I heard it and it was awesome. I could hear the water
spraying and even see the water spraying out of his blowhole.
See there are 3 pods of orcas, J pod, K pod, and L pod. I adopted
an orca from L pod named Mystic. The pods we saw last week
were L pod and J pod and I saw 15-20 Orcas that day!

The last Orca I saw on that boat trip was Granny. She is the oldest orca
alive-105 years old and she is in J pod, J2 to be exact. She was
the closest Orca we saw and we know that was her because her
dorsal fin has a knick on it in the shape of a crescent moon.

So many Orcas that day! I can‛t get those images of Onyx,
Granny, Blackberry, Solstice, Muncher (Mystic‛s brother) and more
out of my head. You guys should really go to San Juan Islands and
see a real happy orca. Cuz trust me………. It‛s amazing!

My Favorite Vacation Pics on San Juan Island!

IMG_0369 IMG_0453 IMG_0371  IMG_0360IMG_0379IMG_0531   IMG_0449    IMG_0502bIMG_0503 IMG_0448  IMG_0433IMG_0409A   IMG_0455Orca_TailIMG_0428IMG_0405                      IMG_0404IMG_0420   IMG_0754IMG_0469  IMG_0530IMG_0525  IMG_0491IMG_0737IMG_0375

A Great Birthday Gift

Hey Guys–

I think my message is getting to everyone and here’s how I know why.

Today was my birthday and at the end of the day two whole classes sang “Happy Birthday” to me and in between every verse of “Happy birthday to You” The whole class said “Whales are Awesome!”

At the end one boy in my class said “#emptythetanks” It totally made my day. This is living proof that my message is getting to them.

The message is “Any living breathing thing is not meant to be put in a box/tank. For example, a orca should be free, not used for entertainment. Even in the movie Finding Dory which I saw this weekend, the message was very clear “Oceans don’t have walls” and that is why the animals should be free.

So I hope you lovely’s enjoyed my post and ya….have a great rest of the day!!



Dolphin Captivity

Hello everyone. Today I am going to teach you about dolphin captivity. This is very important and I feel like everyone should know about this and how wrong it is.

When people tell you that the dolphins like it in a tank, its not true. When people tell you that the dolphins are smiling that is true but not in the way you think, dolphins can’t change their expression. So when a dolphin is sad and lonely it can’t actually show that it is sad and lonely it can only show happiness. All day everyday.

Almost every day from September to April more then 750 dolphins are killed in Japan for food. The dolphins are drawn in with fish and then killed in the most horrible way. They are separated from their family’s and killed but if the dolphins meat is not “right'” then they will throw them back into the ocean where they will sink to the bottom. Many people in Japan don’t know that they are eating dolphin meat. I don’t think this is right. Some people are just cruel.   Also, dolphins that are not used for meat, are sent to aquariums, used for entertainment and are used in swim with the dolphins in famous vacation places like the Bahamas.  Don’t ever go to one of those.  It’s so sad to see a human riding on a dolphin!  How is that okay?

Lets save those dolphins!

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