Hello everyone, I know that I have not posted in a while and that’s because I’ve been busy at school with a ton of Grade 5 stuff.   I am back again now and here to tell you some sad news.

Many of you might know J2 Granny, who is the oldest known Orca ever with her age being between 103 and 105 years old.  Well, I actually got to see her myself when my family and I went to San Juan Island this past summer!!  We were so lucky to see her! She was beautiful and this is why I am sad to say that Granny is no longer with us. She went missing in October and has not been seen since which is why The Center for Whale Research has pronounced her  dead.  Although I am sad, I know that she died in the ocean where she spent a very free and happy life.  I will miss her but I know that she was able to swim free and not be captive like many other Orcas we know.

R.I.P Granny. We miss you Granny.



And for more news…… Some of you might know from a couple blog posts ago that Tilikum at Seaworld was not doing too well. He was suffering from a very bad disease.

Well it really breaks my heart to say this but just yesterday Tilikum died. Tilikum had been in captivity for 33 years and he was forced to do tricks everyday and then preform them to a crowd of idiots. He was in so much pain and stress he killed 3 of his trainers.  Unlike Granny, Tilikum died alone without his family and not in his natural habitat.  He will only have his stupid tank to remember. Tilikum is now in a better place and he will no longer have to live his life in a whale jail. Anything is better than Seaworld.  Tilikum or Tilly will be missed.

R.I.P Tilikum. 😦