Hey everyone… so tomorrow the Taiji Dolphin Hunt in Japan starts and basically what that is, is a bunch of fisherman in Japan go out on little boats and hunt dolphins. They do this because they want to sell the dolphins to aquariums, swim with the dolphin programs and sadly for food 😦 all over the world.

Any dolphin that they think is “not good enough” they kill it and throw it back into the ocean. This goes on for about 6-8 months and last year Japan killed 652 dolphins 😦  This is absolutely horrific!

I truly think it is a stupid thing to do and killing a poor innocent and intelligent animal  is absolutely cruel. As you may have heard in my last post there is a protest for this cause and I might be there.  Please help stop this cruelness and DO NOT SUPPORT THE TAIJI DOLPHIN HUNT!!!!!!!

For more information, please visit Ric O’Barry and the Dolphin project at http://www.dolphinproject.net  Ric is the voice behind stopping the violence against dolphins.  Hopefully one day, I will get to meet him.  #DolphinProject #EndCaptivity #TheCove