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September 2016

Marineland Protest on Labour Day Weekend 2016

Hey people I know this late but ever since school started I haven’t really had much time on my hands. Grade 5 is a lot of work!!

Anyways, on Monday I was very happy to see so many friendly faces at the Marineland protest!  I was even more proud when we sent 3 families home!

It was heartbreaking though to come back from seeing Orcas in the wild to knowing that there was another Orca sad and trapped in a tank.

I also saw Phil Demers (activist against Marineland) there. He was very kind and we talked about how captivity is wrong and about Zeus the walrus. If you have not seen the video of Zeus you should defiantly go check it out. Unfortunately he is still at Marineland and is in horrible shape.  A walrus is not supposed to look the way he does in the video!  It breaks my heart even to watch and I could not watch till the end. I will put the link at the bottom.

There was also Mike Garrett at the Marineland protest. He organized the whole thing…..He did a very good job. He needs all the support he can get. He makes sure that the protests are family friendly and appropriate for kids like me.

Also, I will share with you a video of highlights of the demonstration from that day.  Phil, Mike and I all have an important message in it for you and we even have a clip in it of how we changed minds and people decided not to go in so please watch! (If you watch until the end, that’s where I come in! 🙂 )

Moving on, they were also selling wrist bands there… I got 2, one that says Save Kiska and Save Smooshi and another that says I love dolphins, stop the slaughter Taiji.  All round it was another great demonstration and I am proud to have attended again! #emptythetanks

See ya soon guys….. stay posted!!! 🙂







Taiji Dolphin Hunt

Hey everyone… so tomorrow the Taiji Dolphin Hunt in Japan starts and basically what that is, is a bunch of fisherman in Japan go out on little boats and hunt dolphins. They do this because they want to sell the dolphins to aquariums, swim with the dolphin programs and sadly for food 😦 all over the world.

Any dolphin that they think is “not good enough” they kill it and throw it back into the ocean. This goes on for about 6-8 months and last year Japan killed 652 dolphins 😦  This is absolutely horrific!

I truly think it is a stupid thing to do and killing a poor innocent and intelligent animal  is absolutely cruel. As you may have heard in my last post there is a protest for this cause and I might be there.  Please help stop this cruelness and DO NOT SUPPORT THE TAIJI DOLPHIN HUNT!!!!!!!

For more information, please visit Ric O’Barry and the Dolphin project at  Ric is the voice behind stopping the violence against dolphins.  Hopefully one day, I will get to meet him.  #DolphinProject #EndCaptivity #TheCove

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