My biggest dream came true on July 19th 2016.  I saw my
favourite animal ever….The Killer Whale, aka Blackfish. I was so
happy and amazed to see a real live actual Orca. I had no words.
It was just beautiful.

So My family took the ferry across the ocean to San Juan Islands
to see the Orca. It was a beautiful little island also known as
Friday Harbour and I loved it, They had a little town and we
stayed in a hotel there for a few days.

First we went on a zodiac and we had to wear these big jackets
and snowpants. They were huge on me because they were meant
for adults so we wouldn‛t get cold. The zodiac was awesome
because it was a speed boat and allowed us to get to the Orcas
quickly. We went into the Salish Sea which was where the Orcas
were and then the boat stopped and I saw a black dorsal fin
cutting through the water. It was the Orca!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was very very,
very happy. I didn‛t even have time to think of what I just saw
because then 4 more dorsal fins cut through the water…3 males
and 1 female. Then I saw the most amazing thing… The Orca
breached!! Twice!! They were just popping out of the water 4 by 4.

Then at the very end when everything was quiet 1 orca named
Onyx came to the surface of the water to take a breath and I
heard it! I heard it and it was awesome. I could hear the water
spraying and even see the water spraying out of his blowhole.
See there are 3 pods of orcas, J pod, K pod, and L pod. I adopted
an orca from L pod named Mystic. The pods we saw last week
were L pod and J pod and I saw 15-20 Orcas that day!

The last Orca I saw on that boat trip was Granny. She is the oldest orca
alive-105 years old and she is in J pod, J2 to be exact. She was
the closest Orca we saw and we know that was her because her
dorsal fin has a knick on it in the shape of a crescent moon.

So many Orcas that day! I can‛t get those images of Onyx,
Granny, Blackberry, Solstice, Muncher (Mystic‛s brother) and more
out of my head. You guys should really go to San Juan Islands and
see a real happy orca. Cuz trust me………. It‛s amazing!