Hello everyone. Today I am going to teach you about dolphin captivity. This is very important and I feel like everyone should know about this and how wrong it is.

When people tell you that the dolphins like it in a tank, its not true. When people tell you that the dolphins are smiling that is true but not in the way you think, dolphins can’t change their expression. So when a dolphin is sad and lonely it can’t actually show that it is sad and lonely it can only show happiness. All day everyday.

Almost every day from September to April more then 750 dolphins are killed in Japan for food. The dolphins are drawn in with fish and then killed in the most horrible way. They are separated from their family’s and killed but if the dolphins meat is not “right'” then they will throw them back into the ocean where they will sink to the bottom. Many people in Japan don’t know that they are eating dolphin meat. I don’t think this is right. Some people are just cruel.   Also, dolphins that are not used for meat, are sent to aquariums, used for entertainment and are used in swim with the dolphins in famous vacation places like the Bahamas.  Don’t ever go to one of those.  It’s so sad to see a human riding on a dolphin!  How is that okay?

Lets save those dolphins!