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November 2015

I am Morgan

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the world like an orca?  This four minute video will help you learn what it feels like to be free in the ocean and what it feels like to be trapped in a small tank.  Click on the link below and please watch it.  It is worth it.


Marineland Closing Day Protest 2015

Last month, I went to the Marineland protest near Niagra Falls, Ontario. I have gone to the Marineland protest about 3 times now. I do this because I want to free Kiska the only orca at Marineland.

At Marineland, Smooshi the walrus’s ex-trainer Phil Demers was there. Phil used to work at Marineland and was Smooshi best friend. Phil eventually quit working at Marineland and training Smooshi because he realized that taking an animal and putting it in captivity is wrong. He is now getting sued by Marineland for over a million dollars because Marineland thinks now that Phil has seen all the horrible things at their “abusement” park, he is saying bad things about Marineland to world.

At the protest, we would chant phrases like “ Empty the Tanks, Go Home and Your money your fault… Your ticket your fault”. We would do this when someone came into or out of the park. The good thing about us the protesters is that we NEVER say anything negative about the people going into Marineland. Some kids do hand gestures (if you know what I mean) but we never say anything mean about the people going in we just keep chanting hoping they will change their minds and not go in.
Marineland hurts animals and we want that to STOP. How do they hurt animals? Captivity is torture and marine animals such as dolphins, walruses, whales and orcas are not supposed to be kept in small tanks. That is why we protest to make sure people know that they should stop going to places like Marineland because the animals hate it and many die because of being alone and mistreated.

Happy Oceans are where marine life should be and it is my goal to change as many minds as I can so we can shut down all these places like Marineland, Seaworld and the many aquariums.

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